NICOP: Your Pakistani ID While Abroad


Are you a Pakistani citizen living abroad? Do you also hold citizenship in a country that allows dual nationality with Pakistan? If so, then the National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP) is for you!

What is a NICOP?

A NICOP is basically a Pakistani ID card specifically designed for citizens residing outside the country. It allows you to prove your identity and claim the benefits of being Pakistani, even while abroad.

Who can get a NICOP?

Any Pakistani citizen with citizenship in one of the following countries can apply for a NICOP:

Australia, Belgium, Canada, Egypt, France, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Jordan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, United Kingdom, United States, Bahrain, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Norway

There are special cases for children of Pakistani parents in Germany and Norwegians who previously gave up their Pakistani citizenship.

What can you do with a National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis?

The biggest perk of a NICOP is that you can travel to Pakistan without needing a visa! It also acts as your official ID within Pakistan, just like the standard Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC).

How to Apply for a NICOP

There are two ways to apply for a NICOP:


Visit your nearest NADRA Registration Center (NRC). They will take your photo, fingerprints, and signature, and help you fill out the application. You might need a relative present to verify your identity.


Apply through the Pak-Identity website. This allows you to get the NICOP delivered straight to your doorstep!

How Long Does it Take?

The processing time depends on the category you choose:

Normal: Takes about 31 days after approval.

Urgent: Takes about 23 days after approval.

Executive: Takes about 7 days after approval.

Ready to get your NICOP?

Head over to the NADRA website ( to learn more about fees and the application process. With a NICOP, you can stay connected to Pakistan, even when you’re miles away.

For legal assistance with the NICOP application process, you can contact Advocate Osama Khalil. While this website cannot provide legal advice, an advocate like Mr. Khalil can guide you through the specifics and ensure a smooth application.

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