Registering Your Newborn Child: The Child Registration Certificate (CRC)


The Child Registration Certificate (CRC), also known as B-form, is a vital document that establishes your newborn child’s identity within the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) system in Pakistan. It’s a fundamental right for every child to have this registration.

Thankfully, NADRA has streamlined the process of acquiring a CRC, making it easier for parents.

What you’ll need for CRC:

Documented proof of your child’s birth from the union council. A valid National Identity Card (NIC) or National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP) for yourself (the parent or legal guardian).

How to apply for Child Registration Certificate:

Head to your nearest NADRA Registration Center (NRC). You’ll receive a token and need to wait for your turn. When your number comes up, an NRC staff member will capture your photograph, fingerprints, and signature. Following this, they will electronically fill out the application form based on the details you provide. Finally, you’ll receive a printed copy of the application form to review for accuracy.

Important Note:

Before submitting the form, you’ll need to get it attested by a gazetted officer. But there’s a shortcut! If your spouse is with you at the NRC while you apply, they can have their fingerprints captured on the spot. This eliminates the need for any further attestation.

Processing Time for CRC:

Typically, it takes around 5 working days to receive your child’s CRC after completing the application process.


In conclusion, registering your child for a CRC is a straightforward process thanks to NADRA’s efforts. By obtaining this crucial document, you’re ensuring your child’s legal identity within Pakistan’s National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) system. This not only fulfills their fundamental right but also opens doors for future opportunities like education and obtaining a Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) upon reaching adulthood.

Gathering the required documents, including birth certificate and your valid ID, is the first step. Then, simply visit your nearest NADRA Registration Center (NRC). The staff will efficiently guide you through the process, capturing your photo, fingerprints, and electronically filling the application based on your information.

Here’s a valuable tip: having your spouse present during the application eliminates the need for further attestation. This saves you time and simplifies the process even more. Once you submit the completed application, you can expect to receive your child’s CRC within a week, officially establishing their identity in Pakistan’s national system. Remember, this CRC is a vital document you’ll want to safeguard for future use. You can also contact our lawyers for assistance with such like matters.

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