Practice Areas

As your dedicated lawyer and legal consultant, I am Osama Khalil, and I’m honored to have you join us on this legal journey. Firstly, my main goal is to provide you with a wide range of specialized legal services tailored precisely to meet your unique requirements. Additionally, you can have full confidence in my team of committed lawyers and legal experts based in Peshawar, Pakistan. Moreover, as we strive to deliver exceptional legal solutions across various practice areas, your satisfaction remains paramount to us. Rest assured, we are fully dedicated to working diligently to achieve the optimal outcomes for you. Furthermore, it’s worth noting that we provide these services not only in Peshawar but also across Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and throughout Pakistan. Notably, our reach extends globally, ensuring that our clients receive comprehensive legal support wherever they may be.

Criminal Law

Criminal Defense

Your freedom and rights are our priority. Trust our dedicated team to fight tirelessly for you.

Civil Law

Civil Defense

We ensure robust protection for your interests in conflicts with individuals or organizations.

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Intellectual Property

Safeguarding creative assets with expert IP strategies. You can Learn more about it below.

Family Law

Family Law

Compassionate resolution for family matters is offered, guiding you through sensitive issues and ensuring favorable outcomes for all parties involved.

Corporate Law

Constitutional Law

Dedicated advocacy for rights and justice is provided, thereby ensuring the protection of your constitutional. Range of services in corporate law such as: 

Corporate Law

Corporate Law

Ensuring smooth operations with business compliance, contracts, and corporate governance support. You can read more by clicking on the button below:

Services Law

Services Law

Confidently solving the complexities of Services Law, we can effectively enable your chances to thrive and succeed. Some of the services: 

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Technology, Media and Telecommunication

Addressing legal aspects within the dynamic fields of technology, media, and telecommunications.

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Other Additional Services

Comprehensive business support, expertly guiding you through every step from of your business.