Services Law

Osama Khalil: Your Advocate in Pakistan’s Civil Service Law

Facing hurdles in your civil service career? Don’t worry! Osama Khalil, a dedicated lawyer and legal consultant, is here to be your guide through the difficulties of Pakistan’s services law. With his expertise, you can achieve success and ensure your rights are protected every step of the way.

We’ll fight for you! If termination or dismissal looms, we provide expert advice and stand by your side. We’ll ensure all procedures follow civil service law and legal protocols, protecting your rights throughout.

Unwanted Service Transfer Got You Down?

Additionally, sometimes transfers can disrupt your plans. We can resolve your disputes if they are related to transfers between departments, locations, or positions. We’ll work towards a fair and equitable solution that considers everyone’s needs, adhering to civil service regulations.

Your Service Seniority Disputes Holding You Back? 

Furthermore, we’ll fight for what’s fair! Don’t let seniority issues stall your progress. We handle legal matters that are related to seniority rights and disputes among civil servants. We fight for fair assessments and ensure a resolution that treats everyone justly, following the guidelines of civil service law.

Deserving a Promotion? 

We’ll help you get recognized! Deserving a promotion but facing roadblocks? We can assist you with promotion-related issues. We’ll ensure your evaluation is based on your skills and experience. We’ll also make sure all relevant civil service regulations are followed.

Appointment Concerns of a Civil Servant? 

We’ll clear things up! We provide legal guidance and representation in cases involving appointments. Whether you have questions or concerns, we’ll ensure everything adheres to applicable regulations and fair procedures as dictated by civil service law.

Confused by the Rules? 

Feeling lost in the maze of civil service rules? Don’t worry, it’s a common feeling! In fact, the regulations can be quite confusing, even for experienced civil servants. That’s where we come in! We offer clear and simple explanations to help you understand these policies. Similarly, by explaining things in a straightforward way, you’ll be empowered to know your rights and responsibilities as a civil servant.

Disciplinary Proceedings Causing Stress?

Disciplinary proceedings can be a real headache. In fact, they can be quite stressful. But don’t worry! We’ll be by your side every step of the way, making sure everything follows the rules (due process) and that you’re treated fairly according to civil service law. We’ll fight hard to get a good outcome that protects your rights.

Unfair Administrative Decisions?

An unfair administrative decision can seriously impact your career. However, if you believe a decision was unjust, we can help you fight back! We’ll file appeals on your behalf and ensure everything follows the principles of civil service law to achieve a fair resolution.

Similarly, if you are experiencing issues at work? We can assist you in addressing grievances related to work conditions, treatment, or violations of your rights which are outlined in civil service law. We try our best to achieve a resolution that will ensure fairness and justice.

Need Legal Advice? We’re here to answer! Need legal advice on any employment-related matter? We provide comprehensive legal consultations to help you make informed decisions and protect your rights as a civil servant under civil service law.