Your Pakistani National Identity Card: Essential Information


To begin with, the National Identity Card (NIC) is a vital document for every Pakistani citizen. It serves as your official identification, containing a unique 13-digit number that holds nationwide recognition. This card becomes your key to accessing many essential services, including driver’s licenses, tax identification numbers, bank accounts, passports, and even mobile phone connections.

Renewing Your NIC: A Step-by-Step Guide

Additionally, as your NIC nears its expiry date, renewing it becomes necessary. Here’s a breakdown of the renewal process:

Locate Your Nearest NRC:

Firstly, step involves finding the NRC closest to you. Simply head online and search for “NADRA website.” The website will provide a convenient tool to locate your nearest registration center.

Visit the NRC:

Secondly, once you arrive at the NRC, you’ll be issued a token to manage the queue.

Application Processing:

Thereafter, at the counter, the NRC staff will capture your photograph, fingerprints, and signature. They will then enter your details into the system and print out an application form for your review.

Review and Submit:

Finally, carefully examine the information on the form to ensure everything is accurate. After confirming the details, you can submit the form. If you need a gazetted officer’s signature (a government official authorized to witness documents), they can provide it at this stage.

Renewing Online with Pak Identity Website:

Important Note: The online renewal option is only available for existing NICs, not for applying for a new card.

Visit Pak Identity Website:

Search online for “Pak Identity website” to access the official website.

Apply and Track:

The website allows you to submit an application for your renewed Smart National Identity Card (SNIC). You’ll have the convenience of home delivery once your application is processed. The website also offers features to track the status of your application.

Addressing “DUP” Status on Your NIC

The “DUP” status in your NADRA database indicates that you have duplicate identity cards. It’s essential to resolve this issue to ensure you hold only one valid NIC.

Clearing Your “DUP” Status

Furthermore, having multiple NICs with different numbers triggers the “DUP” flag in the system. To rectify this, you’ll need to apply for DUP clearance. This process involves deactivating one of your NICs, leaving you with just one valid card. You’ll be given the option to choose which card you want to keep.

How to Clear “DUP” Status:

Visit any NRC and request DUP clearance. A fee applies to this process, and the amount may vary depending on the specific details of your situation.

Need Assistance with NADRA Matters?

Whether you’re a Pakistani citizen residing in Pakistan or abroad, we understand that navigating NADRA procedures can sometimes be complex. If you require assistance with any NADRA-related matters, feel free to contact us. Email: or Phone: +92-316-1829946 (Please note this is a Pakistani phone number)

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