Criminal Defense

If you’re facing challenges with a criminal matter, it can be tough to handle. However, if you’re in Pakistan and require legal support in such matters, Osama Khalil and his team of experienced criminal lawyers in Peshawar are here to help. We understand the emotional complexities involved in such situations. Led by Osama Khalil, our compassionate advocates can guide you in all these sensitive matters with care and expertise.

Arrest or Detention: 

If you or a family member is arrested or detained by the police or other authorities in Pakistan, our lawyers can advise you on your rights and different methods to secure your release, whether through bail, trial proceedings, or any other available means.

Filing Bail Petitions: 

In many cases, it is possible for an accused individual to be released during trial without waiting for the final judgment. Therefore, our criminal lawyers will skillfully prepare and file bail petitions on your behalf to secure your release from custody while your case is still ongoing.

Representing in Criminal Trials:

Additionally, In criminal court, we’ll do our best to represent you at trial. We present a strong defense and fight to get the charges against you dropped (In simple words to acquit the accused). However, sometimes it’s not possible to clear someone of charges completely. In those cases, our lawyers work hard to to get the punishment reduced.

Superdari Applications by our Criminal Lawyers in Peshawar: 

Furthermore, in many criminal cases, the police may take the property of the accused. To reclaim this property through a court order, our advocates will file a ‘superdari’ application.

Criminal Appeals: 

Moreover, if you are unhappy with the outcome of your trial, our criminal attorneys can guide you through the appeal process and file criminal appeal on our behalf in appellate criminal courts of Pakistan.

Criminal Revisions: 

In some cases, if a judge makes mistakes during a trial, our criminal lawyers are skilled at preparing revision petitions. We help our clients get the relief they deserve

Out-of-Court Settlement with assistance of our Defense Lawyers in Peshawar: 

When it’s possible, our criminal advocates seek chances for settlements outside of court with both the accused and the complainant, depending on the case. This helps avoid long trials.

Why Choose our Criminal Lawyers for Your Defense?

Proven Track Record:

Firstly, we’ve successfully defended many clients in criminal cases in Peshawar. Our track record demonstrates our ability to handle your case effectively and provide practical solutions.

Proactive & Strategic:

Secondly, our criminal lawyers in Peshawar are always thinking ahead. We try our best to anticipate potential problems and make plans to protect you. We’re proactive, not reactive.

Clear Communication:

Thirdly, we keep you in the loop. Our criminal advocates explain everything clearly and make sure you understand what is happening with your case. You will never be left in the dark.

Cost-Effective Solutions:

Lastly, we understand that you might find the legal fees can be challenging. That’s why we work hard to find affordable solutions that won’t stress you with your budget. Our goal is to provide quality defense without breaking the bank.