Pakistan Origin Card (POC): Reconnect with Pakistan on Your Terms


The Pakistan Origin Card (POC) program bridges the gap between Pakistan and those who have renounced their Pakistani citizenship or have Pakistani heritage. It offers a range of benefits, making it easier than ever to stay connected to the country.

Benefits of a POC:

Visa-free Travel:

Forget visa applications! With a POC, you can enter Pakistan freely whenever you want.

Extended Stays:

Unlike visitors, POC holders can enjoy indefinite stays in Pakistan. You won’t need to register with local authorities, giving you more flexibility during your visit.

Property Ownership:

Thinking of investing in Pakistan? A POC allows you to buy, sell, and manage property anywhere in the country.

Financial Freedom:

Open and operate your own bank accounts in Pakistan for convenient financial management.

Faster Immigration:

Experience quicker entry and exit procedures at Pakistani airports and ports, saving you valuable time.

Official Identification:

The POC acts as official proof of your identity, replacing the need to carry a National Identity Card (NIC).

Who is Eligible for Pakistan Origin Card?

The POC program is open to two main groups:

Former Pakistani Citizens:

If you gave up your Pakistani citizenship for a country that doesn’t allow dual citizenship with Pakistan, you can still reconnect with your roots through the POC program.

Foreign Spouses:

Are you married to someone of Pakistani heritage? You may also be eligible for a POC.

Smart POC – Expanding Eligibility:

The program offers a special category called the Smart POC, which extends eligibility to a wider range of individuals:

Former Citizens Now Foreigners:

Were you once a Pakistani citizen who became a citizen of a non-dual citizenship country? The Smart POC allows you to maintain a connection to Pakistan.

Pakistani Family Ties:

Do you have Pakistani parents, grandparents, siblings, or an uncle/aunt? The Smart POC program welcomes you to reconnect with your Pakistani family history.

Marriage to a Pakistani Citizen:

If you are married to a Pakistani or former Pakistani citizen, you can apply for a Smart POC.

Applying for your Pakistan Origin Card

Applying for a POC is a straightforward process. Visit the Pak Identity website and choose the application type that best suits your situation:

New Application for POC:

This option is for first-time applicants.


Need to update any existing information on your POC? Use this application type.

Renewal of POC:

Don’t let your POC expire! Renew it before the expiry date to continue enjoying its benefits.


If you no longer require your POC, you can surrender it through this application.

The Pak Identity website provides further details about the program, eligibility requirements, and the application process.

The POC program offers a convenient way for those with Pakistani roots to maintain a connection with the country, whether through travel, property ownership, or simply reconnecting with family history. Contact us if you require assistance with POC.

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